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The Return of The Aurora

The Return of The Aurora–Knoxville College’s School Newspaper

By Michael Blum

This is a major moment in Knoxville College’s history. The Aurora is back! The newspaper is an important part of the school’s history because, for decades, it served as the best source of information about Knoxville College. Since its first edition in the 1890s, the format has changed, but the newspaper remains the pulse of campus. The return is part of Knoxville College’s rebirth.

Over the years, The Aurora has documented important events. In the June 1960 edition, student body president Robert Booker wrote about sitting-in segregated downtown department stores. Booker told students, “the [segregated] merchants have the audacity to say that the students have stirred up animosity and could have set race relations back a hundred years. To a Knoxville College student this statement bears no weight at all. Many students have lived here for twenty years or more and are wondering what those ‘good relations’ are.” Booker kept the student body informed and wrote the history of Knoxville’s civil rights movement.

Not all articles covered such heavy topics. The 1894 edition included a section simply called “Notes and Personals.” Most of the section offered well wishes to ill students, faculty members, and their families. It was also sprinkled with bits of humor. The unknown author remarked “After long searching for the Oration Class, Miss Ellison at last exclaimed ‘Eureka.’” Other editions have included album reviews, poetry, and coverage of campus events, like homecoming and football games. These articles have always been the best source of information about life at Knoxville College.

This iteration of The Aurora will continue to document life at Knoxville College. Editions will appear monthly. Every edition will include the latest news, a moment in the school’s history, notes from KC leadership, and the voice of the students. The newspaper connects the past with the present and an important piece in KC’s comeback.

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