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Thriving On Potential Together - Servpro of West Knoxville

Thank You Servpro!

Passion, perseverance, and a determination to thrive are three ways you can describe the incredible work going on Historic Knoxville College. Listen to Knoxville College's Executive Vice President, Dr. Dasha Lundy, and President Leonard Adams tell the story of Knoxville College's rich cultural history, and how they have partnered with Servpro to restore the campus!

September 11, 2022

It was great celebrating with our partners, Servpro of West Knoxville on their groundbreaking last week for a brand new facility which will provide over 100 jobs to the area. Our VP, Dr. Dasha Lundy was excited to support them as they have been incredible supporters of our efforts to reignite the light of Knoxville College. Left to right: Matt Holland-Operations Manager, Marlon Walls-Director of Business Development, and Martin Fern- Construction Operations Manager. #ThrivingOnPotential

Historical Document Preservation: September 14, 2022

70 boxes of Knoxville College History were returned last week! They were sent to a facility in Texas for Mold Remediation. We are grateful that Servpro of West Knoxville took care of our precious documents. #ThrivingOnPotential

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